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Our products are built to the highest standard, and with the correct care will provide years of comfort. All the materials used throughout the manufacture of our upholstery comply with the current UK regulations on flammability and are specified to ensure a safe, lasting and high quality finished product.

Use this guide to help keep it in the best possible condition.


Care has been taken at all stages of manufacture to produce furniture of the highest quality standards - to retain its soft, comfortable appearance, continue to treat it with care and give regular maintenance.

It is very important to shake and plump up cushions regularly - foam and fibre cushions need this just as much as feather cushions in order to retain their softness and comfort. At the same time, smooth out creases in the cover to prevent permanent creasing occuring.

Where cushions are reversible, they should be turned regularly in order to prolong the life of the interior and the fabric.

Avoid snagging or scratching the cover with sharp objects and keep pets off the furniture - sharp objects can be particularly damaging to upholstery fabrics.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause covers to fade - consider carefully where you place your upholstery in order to avoid this occuring.





Vacuum and clean upholstery weekly to remove dirt and grit.

Do not wash or dry clean; consult a specialist cleaning company when cleaning becomes necessary.

The use of zips in the upholstery is for manufacturing purposes - it is not intended that the covers are removable for washing or other non-professional cleaning.


Specialist cleaning kits are often available from our stockists, please read any instructions carefully and try on an inconspicous area first.



Leather is a natural material, each hide having a unique grain and charachter of its own and whilst every care is taken to select only hides of the highest quality, some natural scars and marks are inevitable and must be accepted as part of the individual appearance of this type of upholstery cover.

Some leathers are chosen for thier aesthetic and tactile qualities and have special finishes produced with wax and oils, others will be purely analine died.

Do not place your leather furniture in direct sunlight, or too close to a heat source such as a radiator or fireplace.

Dust regularly with a soft lint-free cloth. Please consult a specialist cleaning company when cleaning becomes necessary.

Spills should be immediately blotted with a soft absorbent cloth. Some marks may be removed by using a soft cloth lightly moistened with a very mild soap solution - excessive use of water or vigorous cleaning could destroy the protective surface.

A specialist cleaning company should be consulted if further treatment is required.

Never use a detergent or silicone polish on leather!

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